Best in Class

Here at the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, we want to Engage our customers and Explore their wants and needs. We believe that you cannot Exceed expectations if you do not know what our guests expect. Once we have a thorough knowledge of our guests and their expectations, we can provide “Best in Class” service.

Delphine C

Delphine C
Delphine C

On Saturday my family and I made plans to attend the Supercross event at the Ga. Dome. After purchasing a parking pass in the Blue Lot I realized there was not a mobile opportunity with the pass and didn’t have a printer close by hat I could use.

I called the number listed 404-223-4109 to explain my problem and reached someone who personally took it upon themselves to print the pass and make sure it was at the lot waiting on us when we arrived.

We are new to the area and had never been downtown to an event so we had no idea what to expect. When we arrived the lady in the booth knew exactly what I was talking about and stated her boss had personally brought the pass to her.

Oftentimes in the entertainment business folks let customer service slip. I will have to say I was totally impressed with the service we received and wanted to make sure someone knew about it.

Great job and we will be back.


Rick Humphrey

Dear Ms. Bennett & Staff,
I hope my letter finds you and your fellow staff members in the very best of health and spirits. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Joel Osteen "Night of Hope" event (on Saturday, March 21) that was held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Flying in from Miami, I was looking forward to attending it with my 92-year old grandmother who is a resident of Metro Atlanta along with one of my main clients (Mr. Lee Haney, former 8-time Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Champion).
Although we were forced to sit in unbelievable traffic for one hour and twenty minutes getting to the event that evening (and only blocks away from the stadium), we managed to make it just as he was coming on stage. And, upon arriving there I was met with one of the most outstanding young ladies (Ms. Tameisha Warren of Guest Services) who graciously assisted me in not only transporting my grandmother into the facility from outside in a wheelchair, but remaining with us the entire time as we navigated from one area to another. She then was kind enough to walk with me thru the distant maze of steps as I had to pick up our VIP tickets from the Will Call area on the total opposite side of the building and meet Mr. Haney to get him inside. She never once acted disinterested, unprofessional or frustrated. And I truly appreciated that.
At the conclusion of the event, we then had another opportunity to meet/interact with two other phenomenal members of your staff (Ms. Jennifer Freeman, Guest Services Specialist & Ms. Tiffanye Davenport , Guest Services Lead) who both were just as attentive and professional in both ushering my grandmother from our seating area and also waiting with her the entire time as I went to retrieve the car from the parking deck (which took another 40 minutes to navigate thru the cumbersome traffic back to where I could pick her up at Gate D).
While the assistance of all three women was undoubtedly over and above what traditional employees would normally do (in my previous experiences of attending events at the Georgia Dome when I've been in town), Ms. Jennifer Freeman even went quite a bit beyond that by assisting my grandmother in the women's restroom, which can be a task unto itself. Not many people would take the time and willingness to do such a thing and I (and my family) are humbly appreciative to her (and the other two young women as well) for what they did to transform what would have otherwise been a nightmare that night into a very special evening! 
Working in public relations & consulting allows me to meet and interact closely with high-profile individuals on a frequent basis, as well as other people from all walks of life. So, being the professional I am, I can assure you that the Georgia Dome has quite a team in those three particular women I've identified. These are the type of employees I have willingly promoted over the years who have worked for me and/or are undoubtedly deserving of increased compensation in some way, shape or form.
I hope my letter will assist the Georgia Dome administration in recognizing these invaluable employees and will assist them in their ongoing career endeavors.